Saturday, November 29, 2014

War and Our Children

As a mother who's just letting go of her son to boot camp....I'm starting to understand a few things.
One....letting go is never easy
Two...letting go is necessary

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I have an amazing son who could have had a million choices for his future.  Much to my surprise, he chose the military.
He's young and doesn't quite understand his mother's right wing ideals...we all start out as democrats but end up being somewhere in between.  If you're not crazy right wing, it's a tight rope and in these days of heavy to the's difficult to explain to a teenager.

So his decision to join the navy, came as quite a surprise.  I'm behind him 100%.  He will find his way...but how do we let go?  Letting go is as important as holding on, you just have to know when to do it.  I raised a man and a man he will a mother, you let go of the wheel and know that you've done a good job.
This has been a lesson in knowing and a lesson in growing.
Good Luck My Dear Son and I Hope That I've Equipped You With All That You Need