Tuesday, June 18, 2013

True Vintage Versus New Vintage

There are some who started recreating vintage jewelry early on, with Art Deco always being on the forefront of fashion.  I was a huge fan of anything made by the 1928 Collection.  Those who recreated were few and far between, as it was pre-internet shopping and the market was just not the same.  Flash forward 30 years...vintage becomes all the rage and the process begins again...this time with everyone jumping in the pool.   Now that I'm older, I appreciate the "age" of true vintage and antique jewelry.  When even the "no name" brands were made with quality and craftsmanship that we rarely see now.
The image below is of a Pierre Bex brooch from the 1970's.  Catherine Popesco's similar designs originated sometime in the early 1990's and she still designs today.  Both of these designers used original French molds and quality materials, for their work, giving it an old world look.

                                                  Pierre Bex Brooch - 1970s

Below, you will find a similar Art Deco brooch that is currently listed in my Ruby Lane Shop.  Notice the use Austrian Crystals and the prong settings used for those crystals...small details that make the difference in lasting durability.
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Please don't misunderstand - I love the Pierre Bex and Catherine Popesco pieces but I worry that in years to come, will our future hunters know how to differentiate between the two and will the correct information on these pieces be available?

Aside from these two wonderful designers, many new companies are now joining in.  When shopping for your vintage piece...Are you looking for "shiny new" vintage or true vintage that has a little of it's history and age attached to the piece...a little wear or maybe a not so bright finish.  It's important to remember that most of these pieces were loved and well cared for...these people were not part of a disposable society.  They bought well made pieces that would become family heirlooms.
To be truly "green", is to recycle these pieces into your family, giving them new life for years to come.
Not to say that there aren't some beautiful new pieces out there...it just all comes down to what's right for you.

Happy Hunting!


(A special thanks to Linda Caricofe at RC Antiques on Ruby Lane for inspiring me to write this post)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013