Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Vintage Life II

If you're an online seller of Vintage & Antiques, do you love what you do or is just about the sales?

Before you answer, consider these crucial points.

Do you love your customers and go the extra mile with communication, research, packaging and shipping?

Is your online communication limited to fellow online sellers or do you try to engage your potential customers in the love of the of the items that you sell?

Do you respect your fellow vintage & antique dealers or is it a quest to be the best, regardless of how it may effect others?

Do you get caught up in the history of your pieces and dig further than you need to just because you love it?

Do you belong to a zillion (yes, on the Internet that really is a number:)) promotional communities, randomly posting your items without engaging the group with informative posts on history, design, business topics, etc.?

Do you share and share alike?  This need only be for items that you truly love from another's shop but a minute or two spent browsing that shop, will almost always yield something you love or at least really like.  Yes folks, sometimes helping others takes a little time.

I can honestly say that I've never been in a business that I haven't loved.  A connection to people and animals, seems to be the prevailing theme of my life.  These days, with so much excess, I feel a sense of purpose in finding homes for treasures of the past.  Sounds sappy, I know but I couldn't do this if I didn't feel that way.  Sales for the sake of sales, just has no purpose.  

My advice, find a group of fellow sellers that you actually like or at least respect...share ideas, research info and business topics.  Support each other genuinely.  Engage your customers and do everything you can to make them feel appreciated.

Let's all try to do a little inspiring in every way!


  1. Point on! The only thing I regret at the end of the day, is there is not enough time to do all I want to do pertaining to my business. More research, more engagement, and more research!

    1. Agreed Curtis and lets face it, we all need to "step away from the computer!" for at least a little while:) Thanks so much for commenting, always sincerely appreciated!

  2. You said it Curtis, Point On! This is an excellent take on the subject, and one that I hold near and dear also. (but then you knew that already Pam)
    : )

    1. I knew you of all people would appreciate this one Margaret:)
      Thanks so much, as always, for your valued input and commenting!