Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Eve - Then and Now

How fast it goes!! 
If you had asked me 30 years ago what I would be doing on New Years Eve in 2015...I never would have thought that a quiet night at home would be what I looked forward to.  But as with all things, people change and times change.  After years of working on New Years Eve, there is nothing more wonderful to me than watching the ball drop from the comfort of my home.  
A little champagne, a nice meal, good music and the craziness of Times Square on TV is all I need to appreciate another year gone by!

Love this pic from Times Square in 1964

( Photo courtesy of Herman Yung and www.doobybrain.com )

New Years Eve in Times Square - 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!!


  1. Love the two photo's to compare, I think I like the look of the older one more than the Arcade look of 2014.
    The post may be a rehash of an earlier year, but that doesn't matter, the feelings are still the same I am sure. So here is my rehash of feelings toward you my friend, as we step out of the old and into the new together, may we continue to be
    Lucy & Ethel. Happy New Year. : )

    1. I forgot about this post Margaret, thank you! I agree and what a great way to put it, "the arcade look"...that's always what Times Square makes me think of.

      Happy New Year Ethel...and here's to many more to come:)