Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Elephant In My Shop - Part 4

Dealing in vintage & antiques is always interesting and sometimes perplexing.  I've called this post The Elephant In My Shop, not because the pieces that you'll see are truly undesirable, but because, as purveyors of the past, occasionally we come across incredible finds that, for some reason, decide that they are going to keep a permanent residence in our shops.  They can be perfect in every flaws, a complete set, priced competitively, great pics...and still they sit.  As shop owners, we scratch our heads and wonder, "Why is this still here?".

I have found, personally, that touching one of these items and saying to my husband, son or dog, "I can't believe I still have this!" seems to have an amazing way of it selling within the next couple of days.  "So why don't you do that with all of your items?", you ask...well, it just doesn't work that way.  It has to be spontaneous.  "She's nuts!", you say...maybe, well probably:) but every business does have it's superstitious side!

My "Elephant" posts highlight some of these items that have left us slightly "perplexed".

This lovely Vintage Enameled Brass Butterfly Ashtray / Trinket Dish is from Suzy's Timeless Treasures on Ruby Lane

and from yours truly...
A gorgeous Vintage Necklace & Bracelet Set from P&M Paris
at WhimsicalVintage on Ruby Lane

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  1. What a great modernist style set! I love swirls, can't believe this hasn't found a good home yet!