Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Flashback 50's

The 1950's...a time when kids played in the streets, rode their bikes and waited for the ice cream man!  Teenagers were adopting new music..."rock 'n' roll" was coming to town:) and Hollywood glamour was in full swing!  Before my time, but I always felt that I belonged, more to the 1930's to 1950's time period, than I do to this one.  I believe that sometimes, the defined roles of men and woman during that time period, are perceived as a negative thing.  It takes an equally strong woman to raise a family as it does to run a business and there is nothing negative in either of those choices.

...and can you imagine, back then they didn't do it in yoga pants:).  Everyday was fashion perfection, from the dress to the jewelry, makeup and hair.  Unless you were gardening or cleaning, you were in full 1950's fashion mode!

Events of the 1950's

Beginning of the Korean War, President Truman orders the construction of the hydrogen bomb and the first credit card was introduced.  

Peace Treaty with Japan is signed, ending WWII and the first color TV is introduced.

Polio Vaccine is introduced and Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen (what a run:))

DNA is discovered and Peter Pan premieres

The Boeing 707 is introduced, the Miss America Pageant airs on TV for the 1st time and Sen. Joseph McCarthy begins his hearings on American Communism (starting with the US Army)....Nice guy that McCarthy (please note sarcasm!!)

Disneyland opens (screams of joy heard far &wide:)), the first McDonald's opens (more screams of joy and the sounds of arteries clogging everywhere begins) and actor James Dean dies in a fatal car accident.

Elvis Presley hits the US music charts for the first time with Heartbreak Hotel, the Andrea Doria sinks off the coast of Nantucket and the first hard disk drive is created by IBM.

The Brooklyn Dodgers move from NY to LA, West Side Story opens on Broadway and Sputnik is launched.

Eisenhower signs the Alaska Statehood Act into law, Nabokov's controversial book "Lolita" is published in the US and Domenico Dolce is born in Sicily (big things to come for him:)).

Castro takes control in Cuba, The Twilight Zone premieres on CBS (thank you Rod Serling!), Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum opens in NYC

Obviously, there were many more illustrious and tragic occurrences during this time period, but in an effort to keep this post relatively light, I chose those listed above.

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  1. Every day fashion perfection is much easier without internet;-)

    I love the dress in the picture. So much better than the modern ones.

    1. I agree completely Henriette! Thank you so much for reading and commenting:)