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Technology & Vintage - A Societal Change

from Appletree Junction Antiques on Ruby Lane

A recent flurry of activity on vintage & antique telephones has me thinking about how our communication has changed and thus, how society has changed. 
My generation (baby boomers) has experienced more technological change than any other.
We struggle with teenage (or grown) children that are glued to smartphones and various other devices. Conversations, that require eye contact, have become scarce.  There's a lot to be said for having to look someone in the eye and actually take the time to think about what you say (and not type).
Growing up, we mostly had wall phones, although I do remember having this phone at my grandmother's house.  Either way, these phones were not mobile and making a call meant preparing for it, thinking about what you would say and then actually listening to what the other person was was a conversation.

 from Fenwood Studio on Ruby Lane
from Fenwood Studio on Ruby Lane

Ahhh...the good old radio!  I remember listening to whatever stations I could pick up(fortunately, they were the NYC stations).   Again, not mobile and the radios that were mobile, transistor, etc., were really only moved or used when it was some type of big event.  A picnic, tailgating at a football game, at a pool or on a get the picture.  I know that the ease of music now is a wonderful thing, in so many ways...but because today's generation can customize their listening to such a degree, they miss out on the exposure to many of the vintage greats.  Yes, thanks to MadMen and many other shows, vintage music is back but it's still not the same as when you only had a few stations to choose from and many times had to listen to what your parents' choice was.  My dad loved oldies (from the 50's), my stepmother loved classical and the pop music of the 60's/70's. 
Depending on who I was with, determined what music I was exposed to.  At the time, I was naturally devastated by any decent teenager would be...but as I've aged, I appreciate the well rounded musical taste that I've acquired.

from Ruby's Room on Ruby Lane

A business trading board game from Parker Bros...somehow I think this is more beneficial to the young mind, than GTA, Halo, Cookie Clicker or Cube World.  It wasn't one person gazing at a screen or a few people connected by headset, it was the family at a table.  Even my own dysfunctional family, loved their board games!

These small things taught you how socialize, plan and communicate.

My son is reaching the age where he'll be on his own soon and I sincerely hope that I've instilled some of my vintage ways into his personality.  If I had to raise a young child now, I would have a phone like the one at top, a radio to be played during dinner or at least a variety of music.  Dinnertime would be the parent or parents' pick of music...a little exposure to something different, consistently every night for an hour....and don't forget the dinner conversation (no phones at the table).  Finally, sneak a good old fashioned board game in when you can.  They're inexpensive and I think you'll be surprised at how interesting they can be!

A Pinterest pin of a chalkboard, in what looks like a coffee shop, says, "No We Don't Have WiFi - Talk to Each Other!"...I think that about says it all:)

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Fenwood Studio on Ruby Lane
Ruby's Room on Ruby Lane


...and to "A Beginner's Guide to becoming an Antiques Dealer" for the inspiration:)

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