Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday 70's Flashback

Ahhh, the 70's...I was a growing teenager who lived in hip huggers and halter tops.  We hung out at the lake or at parties (deep in the Connecticut woods far beyond our parents' reach).  Our group was an eclectic one, conversations were easy and keeping to yourself was okay too...not a lot of drama by today's standards.  We were teenagers, living in a time that was without too many concerns and in an area that was insulated from woes of the world.  It's amazing how little drama is created when you're not tied to some kind of hand held technology.

Our parents had rules, that we did our best to follow and when we broke the rules, the consequences were always very clear.  When you made the decision to break a rule, you knew what you could be up against. There were no gray areas and very few second chances.  Basically, you were grounded and without technology in the home to rely on...the last thing you wanted was to be stuck in the house.  They gave us independence without bubble wrap and expected us to appreciate the gracious gift of responsibility that came with it...not that we always did and some of us pushed those boundaries more than others (present company included:)).

Bonfires (at the lake, not in the woods:)), The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Bell Bottom Jeans, Earth Shoes, Platform (Wedges) Shoes, Frye Boots, Farrah Fawcett hairstyles for the girls and long hair (at least shoulder length) for the guys.  The fashion trends of the 1970's were definitely unique...

Our mothers were sporting bold colors and styles that ranged from form fitting to flowing.  Our fathers, well that was a little scary...from leisure suits and wild sport jackets to baby blue tuxedos!  The 1970's wasn't really the best time for male fashion:)
All of that being said, it was quite a ride!

Vintage 1970's Malcolm Starr from Glad Rags & Curios

Vintage 1970's Anne Klein from The Vintage Carousel

and for your listening pleasure...

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    1. lol!! Diane - I forgot the most important fashion statement of the time!