Saturday, March 16, 2013


Growing up in the NYC metro area exposed me to many beautiful antiques and vintage treasures (before they were called Vintage:)).  One of my favorite places to go as young girl was United House Wrecking in Stamford, Ct.
It was a lot like visiting Disney World to me...eye's wide, filled with excitement at what could be around the next corner.  United House Wrecking had many of the old Danbury (CT) Fair items....tall lumberjacks and carousel horses, to name a few.  They specialized in cleaning out old mansions and estates in the area and would save the woodwork, furniture, outdoor sculptures, stained glass, staircases, name it!  Antiques and vintage items from every possible category.
I've always loved the "old"...old movies, old furniture, old houses, old jewelry, old china, old cars and old people:)...even now that I could be considered an "older" person myself.  I love listening to the stories an older person will tell and feel more in sync with their perspective on the world.  I guess I should have known then what my ultimate destiny would be...
These days, things move quickly and in the flurry of selling online...promoting, technology, branding and just getting your name out's easy to lose touch of why I love what I do.
I posted a beautiful old sink today from Oh. on Ruby Lane

Once posted, a comment in our Google community had me thinking of strolling through United House Wrecking and the treasures that we would find.
So if the non stop researching, listing, photographing, promoting and trying to keep up with technology...starts to take over...possibly you'll be fortunate enough to have a place like United House Wrecking near you...take a stroll, eye's wide, soaking it all in...and soon you'll be ready to jump back on that computer renewed and ready for another day:)
These days, United House Wrecking is online and can be found here
Just perusing the website may be enough:)

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  1. Wow - I can see why you liked that store! Enjoyed your blog.

    Carol, Pearl's Parlor on Ruby Lane